Part-time Pedestrian

I don’t understand it.
My truck decided to take a bit of a break — for the last 4 weeks. I just don’t get it — it’s only 22 years old. Then, on Christmas Eve, it stopped going into gear. Remarkably and quite luckily, I had just completed most of my errands and it stopped only after reaching a parking lot and allowed me roll slowly into a parking space. Since then, the clutch has cooperated only fitfully with the gears. We limped it home the day after Christmas. My attempts at driving it in the ensuing weeks have been restricted to the immediate neighborhood and even here it has given me problems.
So I am a reluctant pedestrian at this point. It’s not the first time in my life and at least, it’s part-time now, thanks to us having 2 cars in the family. I get to use the “new used car” we bought last year in the evenings to run errands as needed. Upon occasion, I also arise at the same time as my morning lark wife to drive her to work when I need the car during the day.
Being on foot forces a re-orientation to the world of space & time. Distances become much greater when you walk there instead of using your foot to depress an accelerator. Using public transit allows you to expand that universe, but at a trade-off regarding time. Not only must you adjust your agenda to the pre-ordained schedule, but everything just takes longer. There’s usually a walk involved at both ends of your trip and sometimes in the middle. There’s generally wait-times involved as well.
Mind you, these are actually minor inconveniences. I have accommodated myself to the vagaries of the public transit system in the past and our son has learned a new degree of self-reliance in learning about the bus routes between home and school and home and his girlfriend’s house — conveniently located on the same bus line close to our home.
In fact, relying on one car and the public transit system has reminded me that it’s only relatively recently that the 2-car family has been regarded as standard. And there are certainly trends on the horizon that might make us re-think this.
Still, I’ve scheduled the poor old truck for a visit to our friend the mechanic and will be hoping for the best on the prognosis. Here’s hoping that my status as a part-time pedestrian is temporary for now.

About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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