SNOW on the back porch!

Snow on the back porch — a rare occurence

February 4, 2011 — mark this momentous occasion

It’s a rarity to be sure — and it’ll be gone by this afternoon mostly. Still, we awoke to snow here in beautiful Austin, Texas. What that meant, of course, is that the whole city simply shut down. AISD triggers it by closing the schools and then most of the businesses follow suit and everyone stays home.
Kids come out to play and my wife had to make snowballs to put in the freezer for later. Our son, Lucas, is older now so rather than run out to the snow, he gave a grin and thumbs-up when he heard “No school” and went back to bed.
Okay, I know all of you who deal with this regularly are rolling your eyes at us. A friend laughed about it a few winters back when the city shut down during an ice-storm, ridiculing us for not having the equipment to deal with a simple ice-storm. I laughed right back, pointing out it would be even more ridiculous to pay for snow and ice equipment instead of just shutting down for a day or two every other year or so. Why bother dealing with something so rare anyway?
Years ago, when a storm blew in while I was out at work at a psychiatric rehab hospital, they sent all “non-essential personnel” home early. One friend started to take off and was warned, “Be careful driving.”
“I’m from Pennsylvania —I know how to drive in this stuff,” he scoffed.
Twenty minutes later, he was back. “Thought you knew how to drive in this stuff,” somebody teased him.
“I do,” he replied, sitting down. “Nobody else out there does.” Glancing at the clock, he explained, “I’m giving them another thirty minutes to crash all their cars and THEN I’ll drive home.”
Snow day — enjoy the holiday!

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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