Just shootin’ the breeze…

Breezy on the back porch this morning and feeling rather nice — kinda cool and gray but very temperate and dry. I’m out of practice on the freewrite and behind on my back-porch blog but here I am this morning, giving it a whirl again.

I suppose getting a contract to get busy on is my excuse or justification or rationalization for the laziness. Or I could just spin my wheels wondering why I’m not writing. Or I could do just what I’m doing now and write about it. Redundant as the topic is, that seems like the most productive approach at this time.

Still, I suppose I should muse to myself why the blog isn’t grabbing me. True enough, the previous iteration had me making — or attempting to make — daily entries, be they long or short. This time around, I started off giving myself a laxer feel on the leash, wanting to make it just once a week for starters. And now I’m not even hitting that.

Is the Facebook distraction the reason? I ask because it certainly has — true to its revolutionary reach — upended my time and day and even attachment to the internet. Just recently I read a blogger’s opinion that between Facebook and Twitter, blogs had transformed. With Twitter taking care of the “right now” end of the business and Facebook addressing the conversationalist portion of the blog, what gets left? This writer (or rather, that writer) suggested the slightly longer form blog entry had become more meaningful. Blogs become less about what you’ve had for lunch and more about how your lunch ties in to your emotional well-being, spiritual growth, economic impact or political leanings.

Now, actually, that’s a ripe field for someone like me, a writer with a penchant for wanting to explain minutiae as well as grand schema. So we shall see if I can mine this vein for a while.

About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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