2-Minute Warning

“What if you get a two-minute warning?”
“You know – before you die. A two-minute warning. Like pro football.”
“Like pro football?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Time outs and all?”
“Naw, I don’t think you’d get a time-out, man. I mean, getting a 2 minute warning, hey, that’s already pretty big.”
“Barely time to watch your life flash before your eyes, though.”
“Oh, plenty of time for that – that’s in your head anyway, so that takes, like, maybe 2 seconds, even though it seems like forever. You know what I mean.”
“You mean like now?”
“No, not like now.”
“So why two minutes?”
“Think about it – it’s just enough time to do something super-important but not enough time to blow God’s cover.”
“Blow God’s cover?”
“Yeah – it’s gotta seem like it’s inside info, right, this upcoming death of yours?”
“Why mine?”
“Fine. Mine. Happy?”
“Dunno. Still alive, so I guess that’s something.
“Yeah, that’s something, all right. Me, I’m dead in two minutes.
“So whatcha gonna do about it?”
“Your two minute warning?”
“Oh, right. Shit. I dunno. ‘Prepare to meet my Maker,’ I suppose. Maybe ask forgiveness?”
“Or maybe an explanation.”
“Well, not an explanation so much as…”
“Yeah, that’s it – enlightenment. Don’t laugh, man. I mean it.”
“Mean what?”
“That’s what I would want – enlightenment or some answers for what the fuck this has all been about.”
“Wait, you just said ‘two minute warning.’ What makes you think you get to spend it doing anything but the usual shit we do?”
“Hm. Hadn’t really thought about it that way.”
“Then it seems almost pointless.”
“What, life?”
“No, the warning. I mean, if you know you’re about to die, but you get no extra super-powers or anything, what are you supposed to do about that?”
“What would you do?”
“Well, I know what I wouldn’t do.”
“I wouldn’t do pretty much anything I didn’t want to.”
“Doesn’t that describe your approach now?”
“No, I mean, like, you know, working at a boring job. Or standing in line for a movie. Or sitting in a class.”
“Makes sense.”
“I try to, every once in a while.”


About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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