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“The Gleaming Toys of History”

“One good anecdote is worth a volume of biography.” — William Ellery Channing What exactly is an anecdote? “A usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident” — Webster’s Dictionary “A biographical incident; a minute passage of private … Continue reading

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Read & Release

I released Austin Kleon into the wild this week. That is, I placed a copy of his most recent book into our neighborhood “little free library” for anyone to pick up and take. It seemed like the right thing to … Continue reading

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E Pluribus Fund’em

I just received a fun little package in the mail: the new album, “Diamonds & Clay” by one of my favorite bands, New Monsoon. Mind you, as one of their crowdfunding contributors, I’d already downloaded the digital version before the CD … Continue reading

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Farewell to a Friend — RIP, Wiley Pup-ot-e

“When the thing that lived at your single will With its whimper of welcome, is still (how still), And the spirit that answered your every word Is gone, wherever it goes, for good, You will discover how much you did … Continue reading

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