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6 Steps to Unplug Your Vacation

Step 1: Pack a “tech bag” with the Mac Air, the iPad, extra hard drive, iPhone tripod mount, charging cables and 3 thumb drives. Step 2: Place tech bag near door for loading into car with luggage. Step 3: Load … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…

Love that phrase! Especially loved using it appropriately during the 15 years I worked at the Brown Schools Ranch Treatment Center (now Texas Neurorehab Center). I started as a Mental Health Worker on Lariat, a locked living unit for individuals … Continue reading

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Life in These United States; As I have observed in the last 80 years.

  Today we feature guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey, my grandfather. Actually, this is a small fragment from his memoirs written in 1960. In future posts here, I’ll share other segments from the manuscripts. With me to tell this story in … Continue reading

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Let Me Explain…

She looked confused. Staring at her Southwest Airlines boarding pass with two kids patiently hanging onto her, the young mother couldn’t figure it out. “That number,” I said, pointing to B32 in big black letters, “matches these,” pointing to the labelled … Continue reading

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