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3 Stages of Boomers at 60

Happy Birthday to ME! Today I turn 60 — a momentous occasion to be sure. As part of the Baby Boomer tsunami, I join thousands of other “forever young”-sters as we gracelessly age. It’s been said we boomers face this … Continue reading

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G.M.C. Massey Joins the Rough Riders

On Sept. 15, the occasion of the disbanding of the 1st Volunteer Cavalry — better known as Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders — in 1898, I turn the blogging reins over to my grandfather. Here is his account of how he joined the … Continue reading

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Casa Dexter Hits 400

Casa Dexter just hit a grand total of 400 uploads! I started out posting clips from my ACTV community access producer days in the 80’s — “fossilized videos,” as I called them.  More recently, I’ve been adding newer videos, mostly live … Continue reading

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3 Intriguing Words

Recently, I received an inquiry from someone seeking to connect with me in my role as a long-term instructional designer. Three words she used in particular made me smile. “Amateur” — she identified herself as an “amateur instructional designer” — which … Continue reading

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