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“I can’t draw.”

It’s a common refrain from most adults whenever you ask them to draw anything. Ask instead, “Do you doodle?” Confessing yourself a doodler embarrasses a lot of people. Many of us got in trouble for doodling in school and got the message … Continue reading

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David Wilcox Shows the Way

“You say you see no hope. You say you see no reason we should dream…” From Kerrville to Asheville with stop-offs at small & large stages in Austin, my wife, Sara, and I have been following David Wilcox since shortly after we … Continue reading

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Glimpses from the Other Side

This week, stories & images from Berlin & London put me in mind of a personal conversion experience of mine: a brief glimpse from the Other Side. Red poppies pouring out of a castle to flood the moat… Luminescent balloons rising over a darkened cityscape… Miles and … Continue reading

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3 Rabbit-holes for your Weekend

If I was a cat, I’d have run through my 9 lives already. Being a curious fellow, I continually seek sources of ongoing inspiration and insight. Given the tsunami of information inundating us on the “interwebs,”  you want a reliable guide to topics you like to … Continue reading

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Granddad Goes to Washington…well, almost

Once again, please welcome my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey as a guest blogger with another memoir excerpt. Back in east Texas, in 1910, I was living in the THIRD Congressional District and Gordon Russell, Was the representative of that District, And he … Continue reading

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