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Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Today is my son’s birthday — Lucas joined us on January 28, 1993, and nothing has been the same since. Parents get embarrassingly nostalgic on a child’s birthday, even long after the child grows up and moves on — memories are … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Fun Club

“One…two…THREE!” and we rose roaring from the middle of the theater and turned around to launch a volley of sleek paper airplanes at the rows of people behind us. Our soft missiles flew in all directions, some arcing long and reaching the back of … Continue reading

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Once upon a Team…

Pssst…wanna know the secret of teamwork? Sure you do… Teams help individual humans overcome our many limitations. Our ability to work together in teams to reach a common goal evolved naturally to reward cooperation and collaboration. Teams — from amateur and professional sports … Continue reading

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Temporary Time Traveller

Recently, I ended an online profile with “…and temporary time traveller.” It’s true — but hardly qualifies me as unique. We are all temporary. This is our one shared truth. We are temporary and we will all die. We get … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2015! Resolutions?

Last year, I resolved to make no resolutions — thus making my resolution and breaking it at the same time. What’s up this year? I could borrow a resolution or two from others. There’s Woody Guthrie’s list from 1942 of … Continue reading

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