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T.G.I.F. — or as someone recently corrected me, T.U.I.F, explaining, “If you want to thank anybody for Fridays and weekends, thank the unions. After all, God worked a 6-day week.”

Anyway, it’s time for relaxing, which for some of us means: reading, dreaming, thinking, creating. In that spirit, I offer you 3 links this Friday “for your consideration,” as Rod Serling might say. Each comes from an excellent ongoing source of similar links, so I hope you’ll find the sources for these articles as helpful the individual articles/links.


Brain Pickings mastheadI’ve already praised Maria Popova’s brilliant Brain Pickings blog for her eclectic collection of marvels of the mind. One that recently caught my eye described the brilliant Lynda Barry’s recent book, Syllabus: Notes of an Accidental Professor, as:

“…a slim but infinitely invigorating compendium of illustrated exercises, instructions, and meditations on everything from how to keep a diary (because, as we know, the creative benefits of doing so are vast) to memorizing things effectively to navigating the psychological phases of the creative process to why art exists in the first place.”

Lynda Barry’s blend of drawings and text suit her Syllabus well. Now, thanks to Brain Pickings pointing it out, I’ve had to add yet another book to my shopping list.


Edutopia mastheadCreativity is all the rage these days— always has been, really. Now, however, more people than ever, including business leaders and educators, view creativity not simply as something “extra” or present only in the Gifted Ones, but something maybe we all could develop. But it’s not so clear how to develop everyone’s creativity, or how to fit creativity into whatever it is that you’re doing. This link from Edutopia (George Lucas Educational Foundation) offers these 7 Tenets of Creative Thinking to build on in striving to reach that goal.


Medium mastheadFinally, enough about creativity — how about some tools and resources to help you actually be creative this weekend? Well, okay, here you go. One of the fantastic folks who contributes at Medium — “the best writing experience online” — Ali Mese offers this listing of links for 300 Awesome Free Things for creatives. Categories include “Business + Marketing” and “Design + Code” and “Work + Productivity” as well as “Discover + Learn.”

This could take more than one weekend to explore.
You’re welcome.



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