“… the doctor said that if I wanted to notify any one I just had a few hours…”

My grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, contributes today’s post:

Young Tom Massey

Young Tom Massey, several years prior to this story

I feel that my family history would not be complete without the storey of our baby boy’s accident that happened just the day before Thanksgiving when he was 14 years old. It was like this: — We, His mother and I, was gone up to the Stock Farm that we had up on the Carlsbad road this side of Carlsbad about two miles; to get a cow and a young Calf. And he was fixing to go out on his paper route when we left.

And when we got back to the Filling station at the junction of the Carlsbad Road and Randolph Street, A man told us of a traffic accident that happened down there on Chadbourn St. and 24th and upon questioning him we found out that it was in all probability our boy, and as we passed the place that the accident happened we noticed that a lot of blood had been spilled there and when we ran up to our home, Then at 77 east 23rd, many of our neighbors were gathered there to comfort us, But we had to hurry on to see about the boy at the Shannon hospital; One of our neighbors took the cow and put her up so I could go right on to the hospital, And when we got there he was in the emergency room and I asked if he was alive, and he was, And I went to praying, and we had examined his breathing, and we knew that as long as there was life there was a hope that he would live; But on the 3rd day the doctor told me that if there were any other doctor that I wanted to see him to go right ahead; and that he had done all that he could do, and that he would not feel bad about it at all.

And I said that I thought that he was the best that we could get this side of the Mayo hospital. And he said that he did not think that there was any man that could touch his case, and I asked him if he thought that GOD could, and he said that he ought to for he had made him, and I told him that we were going to give him a chance.

So I told wife that I was going to the church to pray, and I got as many of the saints as I could to meet me at the church, and we prayed till we decided that if the doctors had given him up that they would not care for us praying for him at the hospital, in his room, and we went up to the hospital, and we could hear him breathing out to the head of the elevator, and we went into the room and told the nurse what we were going to do and asked her if she thought that the LORD could heal Tommie.

And she said Yes, and I asked if she thought that he would, and she did not Know, and I asked her to either get in the circle that was going to be formed about his bed and help us pray for him; Or to please just step outside into the hall and wait till I called her, and immediately She stepped out into the hall, and the Pastor of our Pentecostal church anointed the boy, and we each had the olive oil on our hands and we each put our hands on his head one on each side of the bed; and the rest of the Saints that were there held hands till we formed a ring around the bed, And we prayed till the light of heaven was down there in the room with us. And immediately the boy’s breathing became easy, And we knew that the LORD had come and the work had been done. Then I asked the nurse to come in and she did and was so surprised. So after some complications set up and the Doctor said that an operation had to be done, and when it was over the “Brain specialist” that had done the work told me that he not have as much chance as 50-50.

And he told me just what they had done and what he thought that was going to have to be done, and that was that His spinal cord was going to have to be tapped every few days to help to relieve the pressure on his Brain, and if it worked out as he expected, it would be at least 10 or 15 days till we would know whether it was a success or not. Well in about 15 days the house doctor came to me and said that if I wanted to notify any one I just had a few hours to do it: that they were having to use a pump to keep him from strangling to death. And we notified both girls that was in the University at Austin, And a few others, and I called all the saints that had Telephones and told them to get on their faces and not get up till we heard from heaven, and the next evening about 4:30 we heard from heaven and there were no more trouble about it, Because the work was done and a victory was won.

Praise the LORD.

So after 47 days, 37 of them the boy was unconscious, we took him home, And I did not let him go back to school that term, But the next year we started him back to school and he went on till he graduated from high school and then he started to college here.


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