Floods and Doodles and Charts, Oh My!

A few quick links for your weekend:


Texas floods, spring 2015

A little background on our recent flooding in Texas — a hydrologist talks about her 2007 research on the effects of urbanization on Flash Flood Alley, what happened to Wimberley this past week, and implications regarding future flooding in this article.
SPOILER ALERT: more of the same likely in the future

You know I love me some doodling, and you know all kinds of people doodle, so here’s a fun little piece about some Presidential doodles.

Presidential Doodlers

How DO they do it? How do the creatives get it all done in a day? Well, here are a few creative people’s days charted as time segments.

Creative peoples days charted

A Day in the Life of Famous Creative People

Finally, farewell to my friend, Jimy Gunn, who crewed for rock & rollers from Mojo Nixon to Shoulders to Joe Ely — as well as a few of my video productions back in the 80’s, together with his brother, Gordon. Whenever I had the “Smokin’ Gunn Brothers” helping on a shoot, I knew things would go smoothly and we’d have a great time. Here’s a rare shot of Jimy on stage, instead of running sound or lights or just making the damned show go…gonna miss ya, buddy, but guess they needed a little tweak on the sound there at the Eternal Jam.



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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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