G.M.C. Massey sets aside his gun for God

Please welcome back our guest blogger — my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, with clips from his memoir notes. Sometimes, he wrote about an event more than once, so here are 3 similar accounts of a turning point in his life.

G.M.C. "Cade" Massey

G.M.C. “Cade” Massey

Then I was 20 years of age before the LORD ever dealt with me concerning Salvation for my SOUL; And when HE did I at once yielded my self to HIS persuasion, And went to the altar to seek forgiveness of my sins, And as I was there trying to pray, I was reminded that I was at that time carrying a Pistol; Oh, It hurt me so bad that I just got up from where I was kneeling, and went out To my horse, and wrapped up that gun in the slicker that was tied up behind my saddle, And went back to the ARBOR, and began again to seek forgiveness for myself; And it was not long till the LORD had given me a knowledge of sins forgiven, And I was the happiest boy that you have ever seen; And I went home; and seemed for three weeks there that I was just floating on the CLOUDS, And then If I had had the teaching about the HOLY GHOST, I could have possibly gotten It; And I would have had several years to give to the LORD in hi service; That was wasted.


Now concerning my conversion; I thought that I had told it in a former chapter: But it seems that I had only referred to it; and had not gone into it as; I thought that I had; So I will attempt to tell it right here; I was as usual out from home on a week-end when our school was not released for Parties; and the girls where I was visiting were more interested in going to CHURCH, Than they were in going to parties; And so we went to the revival that was going on at mount ZION church: There were three preachers that were preaching in that revival: A Baptist, A Methodist, And a Presbyterian (And my father called it not a double barreled meeting, But a three Barreled meeting); and guyed me about it; and back to the meeting and the effect that it had on me.

That night the sermon got a holt on me, and when the altar call was made, I just fell into the altar; and began to cry out to the LORD for mercy, and it seemed to me that I was up against a brick wall; But when I came to realize that there was something very wrong with myself, And it seemed that the old pistol that I had buckled on me was goading me to death: So I just got up from that altar where I was kneeling, and bolted out of the ARBOR and went to my horse and took down the Slicker that was tied up behind my saddle; and rolled up the pistol in it and tied it securely, back behind the saddle; and then I went back to the Arbor, and to the altar and went to seeking the LORD for forgiveness of my sins.


But the first time that conviction came upon me I was 20 years of age, and going to a meeting down at Mt. Zion near Winnsboro and the morners bench caught me full in the face and when I got to praying pretty well I knew that I had a Pistol in my pocket and it was hurting me so bad that I did not know what to do; So it soon got to the place that I had to unload. Then I got up from the Anxious seat, As they called it in that day 58 years ago, And I went to my horse that was tied out about 100 yards from the Tent and wrapped the gun up in my slicker and tied it back on my saddle and went back to the tent and took my place at my altar and began over again to see the LORD, and soon I had forgiveness of sins and I was in shouting condition for several days, And if I had knowed then what I know now I would have gone through to the Baptism of the holy Ghost, but not knowing that I went on in my ignorance and the best that I or any one else had ever told me and in a few years I joined the Baptist Church and lived the best that I could under the Conditions, and opportunities that I had at that time, For 25 years.


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