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Show Me the Video!

In my recent post about my love affair with ACTV in the 80s, I somehow included only one video you could view directly. As someone who believes in the storytelling principle “Show, don’t Tell,” that made little sense. So here’s a few tidbits from … Continue reading

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When Once is Not Enough: Books to Re-read

The Japanese have a word for unread books — tsunduko. I wonder if they have another word for the stack of books you intend to re-read? Mind you, there are plenty enough books in the world I still need to … Continue reading

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Censored: “Poem of the Year”

Confession time: I wrote poetry in high school — a lot of poetry. Was it any good? Again, I repeat, it was high school poetry, so I’m not going to say it was good. Mine was good enough to be … Continue reading

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Brutus, Banished Ruler of Dogdom

To be fair, I was the one banished from the Texas Renaissance Festival by the King. Brutus was just one of the reasons. “I don’t like him,” was the official reason given for my expulsion, according to my buddy Cooper, … Continue reading

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A Visit to CARLSBAD CAVERN with my Family

Guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey, recalls a family vacation from the late 1930s While I was yet working at the P.O. just about 20 or 21 years since, And having a vacation coming up; We, my family and I, talked it … Continue reading

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What’s the big ID?*

*Instructional Design I recently explained how I more or less backed into my profession of instructional design, or ID  — as in “I had no ID how to train those people properly” perhaps. Let me explain a little more about instructional design, starting … Continue reading

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A Few (309) Items for Your Weekend

A small collection of lists for your amusement and/or enlightenment: 12 Books that will Lift you Up We all get down — here’s some specific suggestions for uplifting reading material. 20 real things I wish someone had told me when … Continue reading

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