Granddad’s 2 Families (circa 1960)

G.M.C. Massey, our guest blogger, enumerates the members of his two families — of course, much has changed since he wrote this in 1960.

G.M.C. Massey w/ his 2 families, circa 1931

G.M.C. Massey w/ 2 families, circa 1931

It might be well for me at this time to give you Genealogy of my Immediate Family:— On the first of September, 1901, Miss Carrie Gilbreath and I was married and to our union was born five children; — Olga Ethel, Who is now Olga Bond who has two children and her husband and All together with her son, Bobbie is Seven souls & Roy Jean & husband & 2 boys.

2nd. Idas Plato, who has been married twice and to his first union was born Two children, a girl , and a boy each of which have been married, and one of them was two children and the other one has one and his last wife Edna, and they have 3 children all of which is thirteen altogether.

3rd. Baston Clyde, Who is married to Jo Alice, and to that union has been born one daughter Making three.

4th. Mary Navis Who was married to Gerald Russell, and to that union was born one son, and she deceased when the son was only two years of age, But the son is married and to that union has been born two sons making in all Six.

5th. Cadine who has no one else to her credit, then she counts only one.

Making my first family:— thirty-two in all.


Then on the 20th of April in the year 1919, I was married to Miss Villa Ault And to that union has been born four children:

First, Marion Francis, who is married to Mr. C.E. Williams, and to that union has been born three children: One boy — deceased — and two girls making five in all.

2nd, Lyla Joe who is married to Bill Stasney, and to that union has been born two children a boy and a girl making in all Four souls.

3rd. Nora Dell who is married to Leonard Buller, and to that union has been born 3 romping boys, one deceased. And that is in all five souls.

And then comes Our baby boy, Thomas Cade, who is married to Miss Mary Anna Byrom and as yet there are no children therefore the total for them is two.

Then the total for the last family is seventeen and as I was counted in the first family, I will not count myself again, And that would bring it down to 16 and that added to the 32 in the first family makes in all, in both families, 48 altogether in my family.



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