“A very prominent school Teacher…” in East Texas circa 1900

G.M.C. "Cade" Massey

G.M.C. “Cade” Massey

My grandfather, G.M.C. Massey wrote of many memorable characters in his memoirs.

One teacher that I met in my teaching Career was very outstanding to me, And I named my first Boy after him.

IDAS wood was the Man; His morals, his scholarship attainments, His Christian Character, And his deportment in every way was right down my alley. I went to a private Normal that he taught, And to a Summer normal that he was at he head of and I taught in two of his private normals, And we were on the board of examination for several years together, and I never did Find him on the wrong side of any moral question.

Of course long years ago; our field of labor diverged so much that we have not had association together And I have not heard from him in a long time and as a matter of fact I do not know If he is living or not.

But my memory goes back to him when I am Reminiscing. I had been teaching Four years when I was throwed with him in our teaching but I had known him ever since I had been teaching: because he started the teachers institute about the time that I entered the profession. And of course every teacher that was interjetic wanted to be there and keep abreast of the times as well as the best and the newest methods and managements.

Even if you did not take it up you wanted to know what and when and where all the time, And after a few years the Law compelled a teacher that was going to teach to attend the Institute and It was at the beginning of the term and you drawed pay for your attendance as if you were teaching.

I certainly cherish such characters as Idas Wood.

Now another character that comes to mind is Professor Idas Wood. A very prominent school Teacher that I got acquainted with the first year (1900) that I taught.

In our Institute work I met him and learned to love him for his model manners, as well as his sober habits, And soon our friendship ripened into a mutual fellowship.

And as time rolled around to go on to a normal and take another examination for another term certificate to teach, I went to Mt. Pisgah for a normal course, and took the examination for Second Grade certificate, and went on to Gilmer to the summer normal with him and took the examination for a first grade certificate, and succeeded, and the next year I went to Golden and helped him in his spring Normal.

And he came over to Oak Grove and helped me in my normal there in the Summer ending with the examination in Sept.

After that I taught my own Normals together with my wife, At Yantis, Reily Springs, and Point Texas.

When I was 20 years of age; and teaching my first School; I met another teacher Named “Idas Wood” in the teachers Institute; and his manner of putting “himself” before the teachers; and his manner; and deportment attracted me to him; And I watched him as I had an opportunity to; as a teacher when we met at the Institute, once each month; And I liked him so much that I turned to HIM when I had an opportunity to go to School to raise my certificate from Second Grade to a First Grade certificate; and I followed him on down to GILMER to the Summer Normal. Then during the winter one day when I met him at QUITMAN we agreed upon me helping him in his Spring normal at Golden, Texas; and then we were to teach another normal at Oak Grove in the Summer to end with the September examination.

Well all this experience with him in the normal School work; Caused me to see that I could do the same wherever I taught a winter term, as well as he could wherever he taught in the winter; So after that I usually taught a normal after my winter term was over, and very often also one through the summer to close with the Sept. Exam. And when I first started to School to him, We had a Son Born to us, and I named him for Idas Wood, and I really liked IDAS WOOD; For he was always pointing all his Pupils to a higher Life, A higher Plane, and a better LIFE. I was closely associated with him; and the more I found out about him; the better I liked him.


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