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Saturday Smorgasbord of Routines, Lists, and Bacon

Circumstances knocked me off my routines this week. I have a pretty difficult time maintaining any real routines anyway, as I’d rather approach each new day as a new adventure. Still, coffee in the morning is so routine of me, it … Continue reading

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3 Shots of Creative Mornings

After my double-fun on Friday, I figured I’d share some more about Creative Mornings. I already told you the basics, though, so I figured the next best thing to do would be to use our current version of the Time … Continue reading

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Friday on the Way — Fun with Aralyn and Austin

My Friday features a couple of fun events with some of the folks who keep Austin alive. Firstly, there’s the monthly Creative Mornings meeting. One Friday morning every month, dozens of creatives of all kinds — artists, musicians, photographers, web designer, … Continue reading

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Blocked on Blogging? Read About Writing

As long as I’m blocked on blogging (and no, I don’t want to talk about it), maybe it’s time to list some writing-related links I’ve been saving for just before National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) starts on November 1. No doubt I’ll … Continue reading

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“An Honest Lawyer!”

Our frequent guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey — my grandfather — wrote in his memoirs of some characters who left him with lifelong impressions. I will now endeavor to explain why JOHN BEAVERS Life: Even though he was a lawyer, had such an … Continue reading

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drawing a blank…

You know I love to doodle — sometimes it helps break through writer’s block. Sometimes it doesn’t. Lemme draw you a picture… ahhh…all better now. We’ll welcome words back onto the back porch soon…

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My Best Friend — and Constant Follower — Brutus

Brutus followed me everywhere. This was not always a good thing. As a young pup, he showed a penchant for following me into the grocery store, taking advantage of the electric mats that opened the doors. I’d make sure to leave him … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Lone Wolf Conspirator

Shhh — I snuck books into my high school library. Don’t tell anybody. I was reminded of my one-man “conspiracy” when I read that the final run of hard copy library catalog cards was printed last Thursday — the end of … Continue reading

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Cap Off Banned Books Week

Having been censored myself, I have a special affinity for controversial works of literature and art. So this week’s list of links for your pleasure and perusal celebrates the last day of Banned Books Week 2015. Yes, for all our talk … Continue reading

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