Friday on the Way — Fun with Aralyn and Austin

My Friday features a couple of fun events with some of the folks who keep Austin alive.

Firstly, there’s the monthly Creative Mornings meeting. One Friday morning every month, dozens of creatives of all kinds — artists, musicians, photographers, web designer, entrepreneurs — gather for free coffee and tacos and grab a little inspiration from a speaker on a pre-selected talk.

Aralyn HughesTomorrow, Aralyn Hughes talks to us about “Shock” at the Highball. Meeting at a bar at 8am is pretty shocking anyway, but I know she’s got more in store for us.

See, I know Aralyn. I met Aralyn once in passing in the early 80s through a local comedy troupe called Better Than TV (they were!).  She left the group sometime after their first anniversary, so I only got to videotape her in one BTTV sketch.

Since then, though, she has stayed busy. She’s renowned for her art car(s), her pet pig, and live performances, including an appearance in the play Keep Austin Weird  at the Zach Scott Theater. She’s appeared as an authentic Austin ambassador on HGTV and the Discovery channel, as well as on local and national TV and radio.

Though I kept in touch with some BTTV players, I did not know her during most of this time. Then, along came YouTube, offering the opportunity to rediscover and resurrect what I came to call my “fossilized videos” from the 80s. These included quite a few BTTV skits, including this one.

Well, we reconnected through this and other social media. Currently, Aralyn is promoting a marvelous book she edited, Kid Me Not, about women over 60 who grew up in the 60s who remained childless. She’s also been featured in a documentary film, Love in the Sixties, taking on some serious baby boomer questions about love, sex and death through an adventurous re-telling of parts of her life

And she hosts a semi-regular Tuesday morning coffee klatch I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few times recently. This week, she gave us a preview of the talk she’ll be giving at tomorrow’s Creative Mornings meeting, so I know we’re in for some serious fun.

Austin Kleon's Show Your Work Book-signing at O. Henry Museum

Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work Book-signing at O. Henry Museum

Then, in the evening, Austin Kleon does a book signing for his new Steal Like an Artist Journal at BookPeople. I just had to buy yet another copy of Steal Like an Artist after I noticed I’d given away the last copy in the house. Again.

So I’ll be packing that one in to get him to sign it. Or maybe I’ll just buy another extra copy to have on hand to give away again, or plant in the local free library.

It’s that good. Like a Friday with fun with friends both morning and night.


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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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