3 Shots of Creative Mornings

After my double-fun on Friday, I figured I’d share some more about Creative Mornings.

I already told you the basics, though, so I figured the next best thing to do would be to use our current version of the Time Machine to give you more of the actual experience — 3 quick shots of inspiration. See, most Creative Mornings chapters videotape their monthly speaker, so you can rewind watch talks you missed or even ones you liked and want to see again..

For example, here’s a quick clip of Austin Kleon talking creativity from a couple of years ago.

And here’s a link to that complete talk (about 25 minutes) for your enjoyment and edification. Truth is, I missed this particular talk, so getting to see it later kinda does feel like time travel, especially when I can return so often.

Still, all of my Creative Mornings have been celebrated right in Austin, while 130 cities actually hold these gatherings monthly. Much as I might want to visit them all, that’s not going to happen — but I can still take a look at talks recorded in other cities. When that talk features someone whose work I know or follow, I definitely tune in.

Lee Leefever at Creative Mornings Seattle, "Our income went up but our happiness went down."

Lee Leefever at Creative Mornings Seattle

See, Creative Mornings talks tend towards personal sharing.

So, for instance, Lee Lefever’s (The Art of Explanation) talk at Creative Mornings Seattle tells how he came to create the concept for the company he and his wife, Sachi, started, Common Craft: simple explanations provided through short video animations.

But his talk also pulled back the curtain on deciding to apply those principles of simplicity to how he and Sachi chose to run their 2-person, home-based business (and life!) together. While lured by increasingly lucrative projects for high-profile tech companies like Google and Twitter and Dropbox, the couple noticed one problem:

Our income went up, but we saw that our happiness went down.

In the rest of the talk, Lee speaks of  how Common Craft dealt with the apparent dilemma of choosing income or happiness, and breaking all the rules of business to make things work better for them on a personal level.

Spoiler alert: Lee and Sachi figured out how the “long bet” on happiness pays off better than the short bet on higher income with lower happiness.

C.C. Chapman at Creative Mornings Boston, "Don't Let Humility Be Your Downfall"

C.C. Chapman at Creative Mornings Boston, “Don’t Let Humility Be Yo

Another author I’ve read and followed on Twitter a bit, C.C. Chapman (Content Rules, Amazing Things Will Happen), spoke to the Boston Creative Mornings group back in April. Not being in the Boston area, I missed his talk — until watching the video.

Each month, Creative Mornings groups across the word pick a single one-word topic. Half the fun is seeing how the speakers use that initial prompt to explore topics close to the creative heart. C.C. Chapman used the topic, “Humility,” to pump up the confidence of the creative spirits, calling on them to value themselves rather than fall prey to feeling “meek” or “lowly” — synonyms he’d seen for humility.

If you do not value yourself, nobody else needs to — nobody else will!
C.C. Chapman

Because setting out to create something new to share with others takes courage and confidence. Many creative people create in isolation. Many creatives struggle to find the audience for their creative. Many people who could be creative question themselves constantly. Finding others engaged in a similar struggle gives us hope.

Creative Mornings values the creative spirit in everyone. Come join the growing community some morning.

Creative Mornings Austin mets next on Friday, Nov. 20. 
Check local listings for your city at Creative Mornings.





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