Saturday Smorgasbord of Routines, Lists, and Bacon

Circumstances knocked me off my routines this week. I have a pretty difficult time maintaining any real routines anyway, as I’d rather approach each new day as a new adventure. Still, coffee in the morning is so routine of me, it approaches ritual, and there are other smaller tasks I perform, well, routinely.

One routine I do perform? Searching for links related to routines so I might make mine work for me better. So here’s a few links about routines:

Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings blog has supplied me with several examples of daily routines from such notable figures.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 7.54.15 AMHere is a segment about the morning routine of Marcus Aurelius, from his Meditations.

When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself:  The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous, and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil. But I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my own — not of the same blood or birth, but of the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine. And so none of them can hurt me.

Here’s another nugget from Brain Pickings — Herman Melville’s daily routine:

Do you want to know how I pass my time? — I rise at eight — thereabouts  — & go to my barn — say good-morning to the horse, & give him his breakfast.

As a freelancer, I need routines to keep me on  track to get work done, since I set my own my schedule: 3 steps to structure your freelance workday.

Lists and routines can go hand-in-hand — here’s a set of 6 lists that go beyond the traditional “To-Do” list to help make every day productive.

Finally, a non-routine link  — because, truthfully, routines bore me. But who doesn’t like bacon? And you while may have heard of the modern trivia game, “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon,” here’s a historical trivia treasure for you: 6 degrees of Francis Bacon.

Now, we return you to our regularly scheduled programming…



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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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