Re-viewing Aralyn and Austin

Recently, I wrote of a double-delight day with a morning that started out in a bar, the Highball, with Aralyn Hughes and about 100 Austin creatives, and my evening started off with Austin Kleon’s combination homecoming & book-signing for his new Steal Like an Artist Journal at BookPeople.

I wrote that blog post in anticipation of those events. Now I offer you, not so much a standard “review” wherein I might report on my impressions, but rather a “re-view” of each talk  — as captured on video.

And while I’m busily not reviewing either of these truly delightful events, I will include my sketchnote doodles from each. Here’s a fun game for you: see if you can watch the video and follow along in my doodle.

Firstly, Aralyn  — billed for this event as the “Queen of Weird” — shocked the Creative Mornings Austin group with her personal recollections as a baby boomer with tales of sex, drugs and rock & roll.


Here’s what it looked like from the back of the room.

Aralyn @ Creative Mornings Austin, 10-15-doodle

This doodle actually started the Tuesday before the Friday morning meeting when Aralyn gave a preview of the talk to a smaller coffee group.

Oh, and “Alien Knife Fight” was the musical act kicking off the meeting, a bass and drums duo that rattled us wide awake before Aralyn shocked us.

Austin Kleon brought his new book signing and talk tour back home to Austin. More than once as he spoke that evening, he commented about how great it was to be home, not only in Austin, but right there at his favorite local bookstore, BookPeople.

And again, here’s how it looked to me (front row, far right corner) — follow along!

doodle from Austin Kleon's BookPeople talk for "Steal Like an Artist Journal", 10-23-15

My favorite part of his presentation, though, was the way he talked about various notebooks kept by creatives that he had researched. He showed pages from those others that had inspired specific prompts for the journal he designed “for creative kleptomaniacs.”

And I especially loved his comment:

“A notebook is a good place to have bad ideas.”

On his own page with the video from the talk, Austin gives the links to some of the people he mentioned, including Mitch Hedbuerg and Roger Ebert.

Two great items to note about my day of double delights as well.

Firstly, since I’d mentioned Austin’s book signing at Aralyn’s Tuesday morning coffee gathering, she came to hear him speak that evening, along with a friend. I love it when I get to turn someone on to something cool.

Then, as I brought up the rear of the line for Austin to sign my copy of the new book, he looked up and recognized me, saying, “Man, you make it to all of these!”

Homecoming book-signing for hometown hero, Austin Kleon @ BookPeople


And the best part of my 2-part day of delights? Both events were absolutely free — and within 15 minutes of home.




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