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“If I could, I’d change a lot of things…”

Lyric from The Weathering, © Will T. Massey Once again, Will T. Massey opens his heart in a song with words that resonate deeply in the soul. The West Texas troubadour has a brand-new CD coming out in January, and you can listen & … Continue reading

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“It never gets cold in Austin”

The story of our romance continues now with Act 2, Part 5… That’s what I told Sara as we headed back to Texas. It’s not my fault that my statement was followed by a week of freezing weather in Austin. That’s … Continue reading

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Part 4, Act 2 — the story of our romance continues with a road trip back to Texas… We drove through that night leaving California with a loaded U-Haul, pulling Sara’s car behind us, and 3 cats in 2 carriers in the cab with us. … Continue reading

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“You owe me.”

Part 3, Act 2 of Alan & Sara, a Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance I took a week off, again with Cathy’s blessing, and we flew out to Cupertino. Sara had contacted her friend, Joan, to get us a place to stay. At Sara’s … Continue reading

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“I’m a madman.”

Part 2 of Act 2, Alan & Sara: a Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance in 3 Acts After driving through the night and resting briefly at Mike’s house, I headed over to the airport to pick Sara up at 6am Tuesday morning. I would’ve … Continue reading

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from “…2 months…” to “…2 weeks…” to “Can you pick me up in the morning?”

Our Coast-to-Coast Romance in 3 Acts continues with Act 2 When we last saw our newly-met lovers at the Houston airport, Sara was flying back to California after that eventful Thanksgiving weekend of 1989. She had explained to me that it would take her at least 2 … Continue reading

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Granddad’s “Progressive Christmas”

Time to share some more memories from my grandfather’s G.M.C. Massey’s memoirs. This Christmas must’ve been about 1960 or so. Well an old fashioned thing has happened to me in a new fashioned way, And I am putting it on record … Continue reading

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“The Dillo Shall Rise Again!” and Again and Again…

Tomorrow, the 40th anniversary of the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar begins, open daily from 10am to 10pm until Christmas Eve at Austin’s Palmer Events Center. Christmas season officially starts for me with opening day of the bazaar. Originally started at the legendary Armadillo World Headquarters (AWHQ), … Continue reading

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Christmas — movie time!

‘Tis the season for Christmas movies, and we’ve all got our favorites. Here at Casa Dexter, our well-known favorites include It’a Wonderful Life (long-time favorite from Thanksgiving ’89 on), A Christmas Story, Home Alone, and Scrooged. In addition to these well-known Christmas … Continue reading

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“I’m not married.”

Part 6: When Alan Met Sara, a Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance (in 3 acts) With Sara leaving for California in the morning, we wanted one more night together. We didn’t really want to answer all the questions my folks might have just yet, so … Continue reading

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