Granddad’s “Progressive Christmas”

G.M.C. Massey, 1952

G.M.C. Massey

Time to share some more memories from my grandfather’s G.M.C. Massey’s memoirs. This Christmas must’ve been about 1960 or so.

Well an old fashioned thing has happened to me in a new fashioned way, And I am putting it on record right now as a “Progressive CHRISTMAS”: since our children could not get home for Christmas at all; and what of them that could make it could not make it here at the same time: We just proceeded to have Christmas, When we were together and whenever we were together.

Beginning on the 20th of Dec. Our baby boy and his wife were home, and they were here till the next day and having their presents with them for all of the others as well as being able to receive the presents that the others ahd assigned to them. So on each occasion we just opened such packages as concerned the parties that was going to take their departure, And as Only two of our children lived here there were not many to get together at the time:

So on the 24th, My wife’s sister from Lubbock came in. And I had forgotten to tell that my youngest child By my first marriage came by long enough to say howdy and get, And receive Greetings of the Season And as the rest of them had sent greetings and some that were to come later even after XMAS DAY, and that was Baston C. Massey of San Antonio who did come yesterday, And stayed till this afternoon.

But On Christmas day we arranged to spend the day at Lila Jo’s and eat 2 of our meals there, and that lifted, Or shifted the burden and certainly did diffuse the joy of our getting together, and make everybody feel like he was part of the party, and partly responsible for what was happening. And all of them that did not get to come on account of the fact that they also had other families that they had some relation that they had to see to, and relations keep up as well as ours.

We had a brother at Whitewright, and a son at Ardmore, Okla., And a daughter at Garland, Texas, as well as a daughter at Houston, That for various reasons were not able to be here, But they had been TANGIBLE and had been part of the center of attraction in our “CHRISTMAS GET-TOGETHER.”

This is just another milestone in this maelstrom of human affairs. And as long as we remain in this tangled affairs of man, Just that long we will be in the Picture of the affairs that we always keep in mind as human, Annual, and as Historacle, And this have I been doing annually now for the last 70 odd years and I guess that as long as I am permitted to keep this role as I have the last 75 years-Plus-I will endeavor to keep up this role: But this may be the last time that I will be permitted to recall it to your memory And for my satisfaction.

Happy Holidays, folks!


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