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For Vassar

Once again, I’ll turn to the poetry of others for today’s post. This is a follow-up on the prior poetry posting featuring a poem apiece by Vassar Miller and Joanie Whitebird. This poem is Joanie’s tribute to her good friend as run by the … Continue reading

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132 Ways to Waste, I mean, Spend Time on a Saturday

Happy Saturday — the perfect day for whiling away the hours chasing whatever whimsy crosses your mind. So here’s a few rabbit-holes you could fall down into… 5 Tibetan rites, aka “The Fountain of Youth” 6 things you didn’t know about … Continue reading

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A Sensational Story of a Dramatic Nature

Once again, we welcome another tale from my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, of his days in South Texas circa 1914. I was 34 years of age, Just 46 years ago; and I was at that time Supt. of the Asherton School, … Continue reading

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Two Poets — Two Poems

turning the blog over to the words of two poets today: J. Whitebird and Vassar Miller  J. Whitebird (“poemail” postcard, 1990) COMING HOME by Vassar Miller (Small Change, Wings Press, 1976) I quit waiting up for myself, slop over in a burp … Continue reading

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Always More to the Story

When I started writing about our Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance in 3 Acts, I warned you that there was more to the story than I’d be able to share here. For one thing, I was only one of two people standing there at Ground … Continue reading

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“…Ever After…”

Concluding our Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance in 3 Acts Pity the poor person having to knock on our door at the Curtis House the morning after our wedding. The knock on our door startled us out of our post-nuptial bliss. We hardly expected visitors, so … Continue reading

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At Long Last (6 weeks): Our Wedding

Act 3, Part 5 — we arrive at the Big Event… Sara entered the room, resplendent in her gown, wowing the crowd and me, as well, as I catch my first glimpse of her beautiful dress. But Sara misses seeing … Continue reading

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Wedding Day — Morning Meltdowns & a Missing License

Act 3, Part 4: the Big Day arrives in our Romance in 3 Acts I hardly remember the morning of our wedding day. I must’ve had breakfast but I don’t recall. I obviously got dressed at some point but other than that, … Continue reading

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Caution: Texans in Connecticut

Act 3, part 3 continues the tale of our Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance So, with our blood test results in hand and Christmas behind us, Sara headed up to Connecticut to begin her week-residency and finalize plans for our quickly approaching wedding date. … Continue reading

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Blood Run Across Austin, or “Why don’t you just get married here?”

Act 3, Part 2 of our Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance continues… As it turned out, the marriage license requirements for Connecticut were a bit more stringent than Texas. In Texas at the time, you headed down to the county courthouse and got a license and got … Continue reading

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