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Scoring SuperBetter to Win Your Life

Completing our series on getting superbetter — for now! In the last set of blog posts here, I’ve examined the 7 Gameful Rules of SuperBetter. Applying those rules to any struggle in life can help you develop the resiliency needed to rise up … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #7: Go for an Epic Win!

Gameful rule #7 in our series of  for getting SuperBetter I cannot adequately describe the elation I felt back in 2012 parking my old truck and walking in to meet my friend, James, for a beer. Shoulder surgery had left me completely unable to … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #6: Adopt a Secret Identity

Another in our series of gameful rules for getting SuperBetter Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I used to be Redwing Dreamseeker. I played my first round of SuperBetter 4 years ago after I had shoulder surgery to repair a major rotator cuff injury, and had months of … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #5: Recruit Allies

Another in our series of gameful rules for getting SuperBetter “Would you like to play a game?” Let’s face it: you’re going to need help in your push to get superbetter. Everybody needs help — I do, you do, everybody does. … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #4: Seek Out and Complete Quests

Continuing our series on getting superbetter… So far I’ve talked about the first 3 gameful rules Jane McGonigal gives us for playing SuperBetter: Challenge yourself. Find and activate Power-ups. Identify and battle the Bad Guys. Rule #4 starts to put it all together … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #3: Battle the Bad Guys

Part of a series on the gameful rules for getting superbetter… He waits till way past dark and I am alone. He won’t approach me but rather lurks in the corner as I try to skirt through that area without … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #2: Power-Up!

Part 3 of a continuing series on getting superbetter Anytime you’re facing a challenge, you could use a bit of a boost. That’s why Jane McGonigal follows up her first gameful rule in SuperBetter (Challenge yourself) with gameful rule #2: Collect … Continue reading

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