Surviving SXSW and Finding JOMO

Flip FOMO — the Fear of Missing Out — and you get JOMO — the Joy of Missing Out.

That’s the best approach to the glitter-lined black hole that is the fun vortex of SXSW, whatever part of it you jump — or get sucked — into. No matter what you do, there is always something else going on at that exact same time somewhere else. If you spend too much time expecting to see it all , it gets harder to notice the wonderment right in front of your face.

Give up the worry about missing out and you can reach JOMO, where less is more.

Me and Marty & Annie — tourist day

Me and Marty & Annie — tourist day

I didn’t post any blog entries during the end of SXSWedu, nor during the other 10 days of the main SXSW (Interactive, Music and Film) festivals.

See, ordinarily, I avoid most of our local version of March madness, but this time I had friends in from out of town I had not seen in 26 years, Marty & Annie.

We ended up doing a low-key, no-badges, no-wristbands 4 days of SXSW-related music followed by a day of decidedly tourist-y wind-down activities around town.

I’m still recovering from all of that. Since I did no blogging from the back porch during that stretch of time, either, I figured I’d give you a quick look in the rear view before it fades away in the distance.

For today, I will kick it off with a double dosing of Temple Grandin’s opening keynote talk at SXSWedu, both the official video and my unofficial doodle of the event.

First the video (48 minutes long, so plan accordingly):

Temple Grandin @ SXSWedu 2016 — Helping Different Kinds of Brains Solve Problems

Now, for my doodle — see if you can follow along with the video.

Doodle notes from SXSWedu 2016 keynote speech, Temple Grandin

I’ll be posting some more from SXSWedu 2016 about learning experience design, extreme learners, and storytelling for both marketing and social change.

Then there’s all the music we saw — definitely want to share some from those days with you.


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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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