Wanna Walk a Million Miles with Me?

…along with a few thousand friends, that is?

Million Mile MonthJoin up for the Million Mile Month and help us walk, run, and bike a cumulative total of a million miles. Don’t worry, there’s going to be thousands of us walking, so you won’t have to make the million miles yourself — we’re go to do it together, even if we walk alone.

Whether you sign up as an individual — like me — or persuade friends to team up (I’m open to Austin offers!), or as part of a corporate wellness program at companies such as IBM, and non-profits like the American Heart Association, you can help the Million Mile community make our goal this April.

Steve Amos, Million Mile Month Executive Director, and founder of Healthcode™, the organization behind the Million Mile Month, has been promoting healthy initiatives through education and awareness for quite some time now. The Million Mile Month offers an easy, open opportunity to anyone, anywhere to join in a month-long health initiative as part of the Million Mile Month community.

For me, this activity dovetails perfectly with my ongoing adventures as Alien Cloudwalker, trying to get SuperBetter through taking a gameful approach to meeting my health challenges.

So, what is the Million Mile Month? Pretty much exactly what the name says: we’re going to march (walk, run, bike — whatever get you there!) 1,000,000 miles between all of us. By combining our efforts, we’re going to see the impact a wave of health-minded individuals (and groups) can have, a true strength in numbers.

It’s not the first time for the MMM rodeo, either. This is a proven way to rack up a million miles. Yes, I keep repeating it — don’t ya just love the sound of it: a million miles…a million miles…they’ve even written songs about it!

2015 Million Mile Month stats

2015 Million Mile Month stats

Last year, over 20 thousand people registered and logged their miles on the MMM site, resulting in 1,023,358 miles walked — and 72 million calories burned!

People from 48 states and 13 countries and 1,247 cities joined together to make the million miles. Ages of the participants ranged from under 12 to over 70.

Why there was 72% to 28% female-male dominance in terms of participation, I don’t know.

Let’s step it up this year, guys, okay?

It’s free to register, but please remember this is a non-profit group — so donate what you can to help the organizers pull this off again. Join at certain preset levels ($15, $25, $50) and you earn swag bags with goodies from sponsors, including Million Mile Month t-shirts.

The basics are simple, so stop thinking and start doing: sign up.

Then all you have to do is walk a little — or a lot. Or run. Or hop, skip, and jump! Someone ought to start a “silly walks” category as well. However you make your mileage, log it in on the community website so you add to our total.

Me, I figure on walking a marathon this April.

Yes, it will take me all month, but if I average nearly a mile a day for the whole month, I’ll have walked (maybe even hopped, skipped and jumped a little along the way) at least 26.2 miles — a full marathon.

That’s my personal goal for taking part in the Million Mile Month — what’s yours?


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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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