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Pie Fights on the Psych Ward

Nothing quite like a good old-fashioned pie fight to relieve tension. The first time I put a pie in somebody’s face, it was my my brother’s friend and roommate, Neil. He got it during his first appearance as head of … Continue reading

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Twofer Tuesday: 2 Songs

Allow me to introduce the Ducharme-Jones Band and their debut album, Strangest Things, officially released just last Friday. David and Anne write and play original Americana roots-rock music with a South Austin flair. Here’s a video twofer of live performances of two … Continue reading

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Made my Marathon-in-a-Month!

Actually, I completed the 26.2 miles a couple of days ago. Yes, this was a marathon with multiple breaks for eating, sleeping, and everything else involved in a typical day, and it took me 19 days to complete it. I suppose … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

Previously, I’ve described working with individuals in a residential treatment facility, the Brown Schools, and how that has influenced much of my thinking about learning and behavior. All my subsequent jobs and freelance projects have, in some way or another built … Continue reading

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BUSTED: Stealing Like an Artist

Not in the sense that Austin Kleon talks about. No, this is a story from long ago about stealing for my art — and getting arrested. Specifically, I was arrested for shoplifting 8mm movie film prepaid processing mailers to get my short rolls of … Continue reading

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Words, words, words…

Sometimes, the words won’t work for me. Today seems to be one of those days. And writing the wrong word just to get it written might work for some purposes (rough drafts) but not here. Mark Twain said it best, so … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Million Mile Month & SuperBetter

A week ago, I wrote of my goal as a participant for the Million Mile Month (April): to walk a marathon in a month — by walking a little bit each (or most days) to total the 26.2 miles. Well, one … Continue reading

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SXSWedu 2026— Learning in the Future

Yes, we’re back to the future as forecast during Jane McGonigal‘s recent SXSWedu talk,  How to Think (and Learn) Like a Futurist. I’ve written quite a bit about about Jane before, and mentioned how excited I was to hear her speak … Continue reading

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Granddad Pranks an Old Hog Farmer

My granddad, G.M.C. Massey, didn’t write much in his memoirs about his days of youthful mischief, but this one story seems appropriate for an April Fools Day. There was a funny incident happened during the time that I was boiling off … Continue reading

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