Granddad Pranks an Old Hog Farmer

G.M.C. "Cade" Massey

G.M.C. “Cade” Massey

My granddad, G.M.C. Massey, didn’t write much in his memoirs about his days of youthful mischief, but this one story seems appropriate for an April Fools Day.

There was a funny incident happened during the time that I was boiling off the syrup that winter; We were using a 60 gallon barrel for s skimming barrel; And after several days of the accumulating skimmings Of course the skimmings would run over after we had filled it and the hogs was getting a lot of the skimmings; but not enough to hurt them, and one night I had a lot of the Boys (my friends) to meet me down at the mill; and it was beside the hog lot where the old man’s hogs were (and he had sold us the Syrup evaporator; and the Mill) and granted us the right to stay there for the season, as it was so late in the season when we bought him out and the old man said that we made too much noise, that it was impossible for him to rest; and on that account that he had gone out there, and turned over the Beer barrel (I had added to the skimmings a lot of persimmons; and shell corn, and it was pretty sharp) and we had a faucet at the bottom of the barrel and could draw off as we wanted to use it; And when he turned it over; the hogs really got more than they could handle; and when I got down there the next morning he had about 15 hogs down;

And he didn’t have the experience to know that they were drunk; and he wanted to know just what was the matter; And I knew what it was; But I’d have died before I would tell him; And I told him that I thought that I could restore them by that afternoon; and he wanted to know how much I would charge him; and I told him that I thought that about a dollar a head would be about right; And I told him if he wanted to pay me right then I would let him off for $10.00 for the whole of them; and you know that he paid me off; and then I just poured a gallon of milk in the troughs and watched them for a space of a few hours, and by about 2 o’clock they were nosing about looking for more Beer; and when he returned; I told him that the hogs were drunk from that beer that he had poured out; and that it would be better if he didn’t monkey with that barrel any more; and the rest of the men working with me laughed out right at him and he I think was kinda miffed at us for the prank that he had done, had fired Back at him and hit him; for he didn’t bother us anymore; and we went back down there several times after that and drank Beer when we wanted to.


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