UPDATE: Million Mile Month & SuperBetter

A week ago, I wrote of my goal as a participant for the Million Mile Month (April): to walk a marathon in a month — by walking a little bit each (or most days) to total the 26.2 miles.

Well, one week in, I am halfway to my goal! Can I get a high five?

So far so good on walking daily, and after I discovered the MapMyFitness app linked to the Million Mile Month website, I’ve been able to log in each work-out and upload the results directly into my Million Mile Month profile and see a total.

work-out map Zilker-TL-trailThat’s how I know that I already made half my goal in my first week — that’s rather empowering!

Having a daily prompt in my head to walk at least a mile helps me substitute a short stroll over to the little Bluebonnet Market for jumping in the car and driving off to the grocery store 20 minutes away.

It takes about the same time, and while it will not work for a number of items (no fresh meat other than bacon, hot dogs and sausage), they have expanded their offerings to include a modest election of produce items that can easily make for meal. The round-trip stroll is almost exactly 1 mile so that’s a simple way to add onto my mileage overall.

My marathon-(or-more)-in-a-month quest also helps me on the bigger challenge of getting SuperBetter in dealing with my diabetes. I’ve been notching away at that as well, and I’m making progress. In fact, with my eventual Epic Win being to walk a marathon in 1-2 days, I’m making steady progress towards that goal.

SuperBetter Resiliency scores for Alien Cloudwalker

Resiliency scores for Alien Cloudwalker

As I mentioned before, SuperBetter builds your resilience in 4 keys areas: mental, emotional, social and physical. For now at least, most of my scoring in SuperBetter has racked up points to increase my mental resiliency.

I want to see the numbers for my physical resiliency come up some more, but the one I really want to try and work on more specifically is my social resilience.

In my prior round of using SuperBetter to recover from major shoulder surgery in 2012, I completed my Epic Win without really ever specifically enlisting allies.

That will not work as well for the long-term challenge that is my struggle with diabetes. So, I’ m starting to enlist additional allies to help me as I work on getting SuperBetter.

Meanwhile, just walking a marathon-in-a-month feels like it ought to cover my quests for the month. In the book, Jane McGonigal calls such an extended set of quests and power-ups and bad guys battled an adventure.

And I’m already half-way there!




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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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