Made my Marathon-in-a-Month!

Marathon-In-A-Month Last Leg

Capped my Marathon-In-A-Month with this stroll down to the Pfluger pedestrian bridge over Lady Bird Lake and back

Actually, I completed the 26.2 miles a couple of days ago.

Yes, this was a marathon with multiple breaks for eating, sleeping, and everything else involved in a typical day, and it took me 19 days to complete it. I suppose many people would not consider my mileage as “walking a marathon” — but I sure do!

The whole mission of the Million Mile Month in April and its companion event, Marathon-in-a-Month in October, is simply to encourage people everywhere to become more active. This means reducing the barriers to getting involved and staying involved, and providing a structure for encouraging exercise.

A lot of people get discouraged if they see an exercise goal as overwhelming (“Walk 26.2 miles? I can’t do that!”) or feel like any break in sequence signals a final failure (“I missed out walking 2 days in a row — I might as well give it up.”).

Instead, we should seek out and find those little bits of activity that can be put together incrementally to get us moving. In SuperBetter, Jane McGonigal suggests a simple 3-question test to determine if you are already engaging in exercise:

  • Are you lying down?
  • Are you sitting down?
  • Are you eating something?

If the answer to each question is no, congratulations, you are already exercising. Okay, they call it “lazy exercise,” but emphasize that if we choose these small activities more regularly, the cumulative effect is an increase in exercise and fitness.

So stand up the next time you’re about to text someone while sitting. Walk to a nearby store or restaurant instead of driving. Climb the stairs to work — at least one flight! Put on your favorite tunes and dance like no one is watching. Or do like I’ve done this month: walk a bit daily (with a few exceptions), and watch the total miles add up.

Million Mile Month state 4-21-16

Million Mile Month stats as of 4-21-16

That’s exactly how the Million Mile Month works — a little bit at a time. Thousands of people are logging in their miles as we try to reach that 1,000,000 mile mark.

And we’ve almost made it already!

Yes, I’ve made my marathon-in-a-month but I’m not about to stop now. I’ll update you later when I finish out this month. But I’m going to keep walking long past then as well!

I’m on a roll!


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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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