Made My First Million!

Casa Dexter logoEyeballs, that is.

That is the internet currency, correct? Not the number of engaged individuals but the number of eyeballs viewing your stuff.

So 500,000 views on my YouTube channel, Casa Dexter, makes for a million eyeballs.

Yes, I know a measly million is a low number in YouTubeland. A viral video garners millions of hits on any given day.

Confession: I have never had a viral video.

I call my videos “glacial” in terms of the being how slowly they spread.

My first posted clip — circa 2007 — still only has 302 views.

Finalist in Hometown USA Video festival 1983

Still, 500,000 people viewing your videos is nothing to sneer at. During my time doing public access video production, you never really knew how many people might have seen your show. So even the smallest view counts in those heady early days of YouTube felt exhilarating beyond compare. By the time I received my first email from a fan from Japan, my head was reeling. Never before had I gotten feedback like that on my videos.

During one SXSW Interactive Festival session about viral videos, a burgeoning YouTube star compared his initial view counts to filling up his favorite movie theater. “Once I thought about it that way, I realized it was if I had filled that theater nightly for weeks. I never again worried about audience acceptance.”

When I think about it that way, I imagine my million eyeballs as people filling up Red Rocks Amphitheater — 50 times over — to see my stuff. That makes me smile.

Fill with people — rinse & repeat — 50 times!

Mostly I post live performance clips from the clubs and stages of Austin, “The Live Music Capital of the World.” Of the 448 clips on my channel, there are also some (a few) non-music pieces, including original and sketch comedy as well as highlights from the 1980s Armadillo Christmas Bazaar programs.

Here’s a linked list of performers and events you can see over on Casa Dexter.
Bolded names have more than 10 clips — many link to playlists.
Asterisks indicate a non-music clip.

Casa Dexter offers you literally hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Hope your eyeballs — and eardrums — enjoy!

About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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