Back to the Back Porch

Whew–made it!

Yes, I’ve been gone awhile, but I’m back. See, I was on the road for much of the last week and it’s awfully hard to drag the back porch along.

Road photos: unusual vehicles

Road photos: unusual vehicles

Okay, the blog is a metaphorical back porch, but it’s a back porch nonetheless. So, I did not try to write from the road this time around. Instead, I just spent my time enjoying the ride — and the destination, and yes, even the return.

My wife, Sara, and I spent two days driving over to Asheville, North Carolina, to see our son, Lucas, graduate from Warren Wilson College last Saturday. That marked the peak of another, much longer, and much harder journey of his life: formal education, from pre-k to college.

Road milestones: Mississippi River crossig

Road milestones: Mississippi River crossing

And yes, I thought of writing about both long journeys there — the literal thousand-plus-mile road trip to Asheville and the journey from childhood to matriculation — but I decided to relax and enjoy the experience itself instead.

I thought about musing on the past (how did we get to this point?), the present (what this means and how it feels), and the future (Where to now? What experiences post-graduation will shape his life? Where will be live next week?).

There’s anecdotes aplenty to amuse us all along the journey as well, from past educational and life experiences, school-bound and otherwise — his, and mine as well.

Proud parents & happy graduate

Proud parents & happy graduate

Maybe later.

For now, I’m simply happy to be home. I’ll be back to share more thoughts, musings and amusements with y’all later. For now, I’m gonna have me a beer.

Y’all come back soon!


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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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