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The Day I Killed My Dog

Every dog has his day, they say — and every day comes to an end. A dozen years is a decent run for a dog, especially a hard-luck mutt like Brutus. After surviving snakebite, being hit by a car, run over by a … Continue reading

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Early 20th Century Bachelor: “An Oddity to Me”

Another excerpt from the memoir manuscripts of my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey. In 1909 East Texas, this fellow sparked his curiosity — today, Mr. Bozman and his way of life might not seem such an “oddity.” In my boyhood days and through … Continue reading

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Casa Dexter Bulletin Board

Confession: most of my blog entries are not actually written on the Back Porch. Oh, sure, I start out there sometimes, making notes or outlines, but almost all of the writing actually takes place inside at my desk. I tipped you off to that … Continue reading

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Memories of Monterey

“3 days of understanding…. Of moving with one another… Even the cops grooved with us — Do you believe me, yeah? Down in Monterey…” The Monterey International Pop Festival held June 16-18, 1967 proved a pivotal event in American music, helping to … Continue reading

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One Man’s Trash…

It’s bulk garbage pick-up time again in our neighborhood. All those old bulky items that cannot possibly fit into a regular trash bin can be placed curbside for collection. The city sends a notice to announce the start date for pick-up, but also warns people … Continue reading

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Pity Poor Howard, Trapped in a World He Never Made

Howard the Duck, of course, in case the tag-line in the title did not clue you in. A wise-cracking humanoid duck from another planet, Howard first burst on the Marvel comic book scene as a side character in a 1973 issue … Continue reading

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From Yapper to Scrapper

Brutus started off as a yapper as a pup, holding his head high while trotting forward  to challenge anyone and anything that came into his view. This was part of why my buddy Robert liked him and took him for awhile, whisking … Continue reading

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Songs of Summers Gone By: late 60s edition

June kicks off summer — never mind the solstice. Always used to be there was a “hit of the summer” on the radio each year. Sometimes, it was just one song everybody loved. More often, though, there was more than one so you could choose your … Continue reading

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