Early 20th Century Bachelor: “An Oddity to Me”

Early Massey Family household circa 1980s

G.M.C. Massey (standing, middle left) with family, East Texas circa 1890s

Another excerpt from the memoir manuscripts of my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey. In 1909 East Texas, this fellow sparked his curiosity — today, Mr. Bozman and his way of life might not seem such an “oddity.”

In my boyhood days and through the earlier part of my teaching Career, I was made to wonder about a character that I was acquainted with: Barto Bozman. He was a bachelor when I was first acquainted with him. And I watched and wondered about him, Just what caused him to never marry.

But he was a very aggressive, and was very patriotic, and always took a big part in all community affairs. He was very prosperous lived alone and entertained his friends and associates. He farmed, and raised mules, he was authority on good stock. And he raised the largest and best mules that there were in the whole country.

The year 1909-10 I taught the Cartwright School and Barto’s stock Farm was only about three miles from my house, and I very often went to see him on Saturday or on Sunday and I really enjoyed his company. He was well educated, and kept posted on current events And we always visited his pasture and saw his stock. His life was buried in his stock and he would get very eloquent when he got to talking about the stock, Especially his mules.

But you could not encourage him to talk of women Or marrying. He was very good looking for a man that cared so little about the opposite sex. He dressed well and took care of his personal appearance as well as If he was stepping out regularly. But his manner of life was an oddity to me and I often think of him and his stock: though I understand that he has passed on several years past.

While I enjoyed my wife, my children as well as my mules I owned a pair of fine mules while I was living there close to him and always drove them to a big three inch wagon when I went to see him. I always were trading and selling stock. But never heard of Barto ever trading But he was interested in selling. But he did not take in any other stock in a sale.


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