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Welcome Back, ACL Fest 2016

The theme from Star Wars came rolling up the hill today from Zilker Park, announcing the opening day of the first weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival for its 15th year! Let the fun begin! Austin’s Minor Mishap … Continue reading

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Family & Friends

Here are the lyrics to another song I wrote a long while ago. After another long while, maybe I’ll get brave enough to sing it for you… You know it’s always been family & friends Who can tell you how the … Continue reading

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92 Things About Austin

For your weekend consideration — a few Austin-related lists: 10 Things you Must Know BEFORE Moving to Austin — several aspects of our life here you might want to know about beforehand, like the heat, the traffic, allergies… 10 Things Everyone … Continue reading

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The Noise Around You

Sometimes, I have written songs. Not many and not recently. Here’s one from a while back. Maybe if I get brave enough someday, I’ll sing it for you. Don’t hold your breath. Never take the word of a mute: Even the … Continue reading

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One Flew Over a Great Notion

or, Sometimes a Cuckoo Nest… Today would have been Ken Kesey’s birthday, so my twisted title pays tribute to his best known works, his debut novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the second novel, Sometimes A Great Notion. Lots … Continue reading

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Twas the Day Before the Doodle Playground…

And I am busily trying to both prepare for leading this Creative Mornings Field Trip and procrastinate the particular tasks I should address to get ready. It has been awhile since I led a workshop, much less something more free-form … Continue reading

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A Few Stray Dog Tales

Not that the dog was stray — no, these are just some left-over tales of my dog, Brutus. I’ve already written how he became my dog (accidentally) and how I killed him (on purpose —okay, I “put him to sleep” … Continue reading

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50 Years on a 5-Year Mission

The future came calling 50 years ago today when Star Trek premiered. I was hooked from the start even though I missed a lot of the episodes when they originally aired. See, the weekly show time regularly conflicted with our … Continue reading

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Odd Jobs I Have worked

In honor of Labor Day, here’s a listing of some of the stranger jobs I have worked at along the way. It’s not entirely complete and I’ve left out the more recent and “legitimate” jobs. No, this is just a … Continue reading

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“Why Don’t We Get Hitched Over Labor Day?”

As I understand it, that was Dad’s ever-so-romantic proposal to Mom back in 1949, delivered in that fine Austin dining establishment, Jake’s, a burger & beer joint. It worked. On September 3, 1949, Nora Dell Massey married Leonard Keith Buller. … Continue reading

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