Happy 115th Anniversary to Cadie (G.M.C.) & Carrie Massey

G.M.C. "Cade" Massey

G.M.C. “Cade” Massey

Happy Anniversary to our recurring guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey, and his first wife.

As a kind of family history, I will present this information.

Sept 1, 1901 Miss Carrie Gilbreath and I were married.

Our oldest child (Olga Ethel, now Mrs. Roy Bond of San Angelo) was born Dec. 11, 1902 at Yantis where we were both born and had lived all our lives except for about seven years just prior to our marriage. I was teaching school and moved ever so often.

Feb 5 1905 our second child — a boy, Idas Plato, born at Oak Grove six miles east of Quitman in Wood County.

Then my wife decided that if I was going to continue to teach that she was going to go to school to me till she could help me teach. So in 1908, she helped me at Picton, Texas in Hopkins County.

The next year we went back to Wood County and we taught at Cartwright, Texas, While at Cartwright, our third child, a boy, Baston Clyde, was born on July 15th of 1910, and on account of that she did not teach with me any more till the School year 1914-1915 and the two school years 1905-06 and 1906-07 when I taught at Yantis.

As soon as my school was out at Yantis in the spring of 1907 I went west alone and taught three months at Dermott, Texas, near Snyder. That winter I taught at Pecan Grove near Ridgeway, Texas between Ridgeway and Commerce, but wife had to take the examination at Sulphur Springs that year and she helped me at Picton, Texas in Hopkins County.

Then we went to Asherton, Texas to teach in 1914-15. She helped me again. The next year we had another girl born, Cadine on December 27, 1915.

By the way I completely missed the fourth child, a girl Mary Navis, Aug. 9, 1912.

A little later in the manuscript scraps, Granddad, included this brief note.

Then my wife passed away on the 22nd of November 1918.


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