Family & Friends

Slide3Here are the lyrics to another song I wrote a long while ago. After another long while, maybe I’ll get brave enough to sing it for you…

You know it’s always been family & friends
Who can tell you how the story ends.
Following the river’s bends
Through the twisting and turning,
All the churning and learning,
It’s family & friends who are there.
It’s family & friends who care.

‘Cause sometimes you just can’t go on.
You get to feeling like you just can’t go on.
You know that you just can’t go on —
And still you go on.

You see, there’s something deep down inside of you.
I know that that strength is still there.
Lately, it’s trying to hide from you…
I was calling to tell you
How much I care for you.
If ever you need me, I’m there.
Whenever you need me, I’m there.

Early gray morning phone call waking me up
And they’re telling me a friend of mine’s dead…
“What’s that you said? I didn’t quite hear it…”
I just don’t believe it.
No, I just won’t believe it.
I refuse to believe that he’s dead.
Not another good friend of mine dead.

But the words only carry the tune.
Seems like everyone’s dying too soon.
And god, how I’ll miss you, my friend,
Till we meet again.

We’ll meet some place far, far away from here.
I know that we’re all headed there.
After all of this life
With all of its strife,
We can gather together
Forever and ever
With our family and friends who care.
All our family and friends will be there.

You see, it’s always been family & friends.



About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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