9 Creative Mornings Doodles from 2016

As I’ve told you before: I can’t draw, so I doodle. Here then are my doodle-notes from the Creative Mornings Austin meetings I managed to make in 2016. Along with the doodles, I’ve also listed the speaker, the location, that morning’s musical performer, and the “Espresso Shots” (30-second promos announcements) for the morning. Wherever possible, I’ve included links for the musical performers and the espresso shots.

For maximum effect, watch the video from each meeting while “reading” the doodle.


January: Language

Creative Mornings Austin January 2016: "Language"

Speaker: Lee Gobold
Location: Texas School for the Deaf
Music: Ghost Wolves
Espresso shots: Galvanize, Placeness

Video link

March: Change

Creative Mornings Austin March 2016: "Change"

Speaker: Kelly Krause
Location: Seaholm
Music: Jitterbug Vipers
Espresso shots: Springdale GeneralMakerFaire Austin

Video link

April: Risk

Creative Mornings Austin April 2016: "Risk"

Speaker: Amelia Isabell Torres
Location: Spredfast
Music: Uncle Lucius
Espresso shots: Write RightXYZ Atlas

Video link

June: Broken


Speaker: Brian Phillips
Location: Austin Coding Academy
Music: Beth Lee & the Break-Ups
Espresso shots: atxfactory.comHaiku Austin

Video link

August: Weird

Creative Mornings Austin August 2016: "Weird"

Speaker: Chris Locke
Location: Esther’s Follies
Music: Erez
Espresso shots: Austin Design WeekAustin Coding Academy

Video link

September: Magic

Creative Mornings Austin September 2016: "Magic"

Speaker: James Talbot
Location: Vuka
Music: Skye
Espresso shots: Catalyst ATX, Austin Learnshop

Video link

October: Transparent


Speaker: Jay B. Sauceda
Location: Peached Social House
Music: Eric Bee
Espresso shots: flowfactory, Nland Surf Park

Video link

November: Fantasy

Creative Mornings Austin November 2016: "Fantasy (Magic)"

Speaker: Alan Graham
Location: Community First!
Music: Choctaw Wildfire
Espresso shots; Austin Design Week, Guided Meditations

(no video— yet!)

December: Sound

Creative Mornings Austin December 2016: "Sound"

Speaker: Korey Periera
Location: Original Austin City Limits TV studio
Music: Sandee’s Singing Bowls
Espresso shots; Freelance Conferenceun.incubator, Origin Designer Market

(no video— yet!)


About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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