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Pappa’s Childhood (part 1)

My Grandfather’s memoir manuscripts have provided numerous prior “guest blogger” posts here on the back porch. I also mentioned how my mother, Dell Buller, tried to edit his rambling and repetitive notes into a more straightforward timeline. She pieced together”Pappa’s Childhood,” a … Continue reading

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Twofer Tuesday: What Granny Told Me…

I’m turning over today’s blog to Granny, our newest old doodle buddy. No, this doesn’t really look like her but we all know I can’t draw. Maybe more practice is in order — certainly Granny imparted pearls of wisdom like … Continue reading

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Doodle Playground #2 in the Rear View

It’s been over a week since I previewed my second pop-up doodle playground for a Creative Mornings Austin Field Trip so it’s time for quick peek in the rear view before moving forward. I’d love to say I was more … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Doodle…

On Friday, I’ll be hosting another round of ” ‘I CAN’T DRAW’ — a doodle playground” as a Creative Mornings Austin Field Trip for a second time. In preparation, here’s part of my opening piece, adapted from part of Sunni Brown‘s 2015 … Continue reading

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Happy 27th Anniversary!

January 7, 1990, I married the love of my life, Sara — whom I had just met 6 weeks previously. But you’ve already read about that. One of the worst aspects of a winter wedding: an anniversary that is frequently frozen … Continue reading

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Jan-Unk 2017

with apologies to the Roman God of Gateways & Transitions… Happy 2017 everyone!

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