4th of July circa late 1800’s, E. Texas

Early Massey Family household circa 1980s

G.M.C. Massey (standing, middle left) with family, East Texas circa 1890s

Once again, our guest blogger, my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, supplies us with memories of by-gone days in rural East Texas in the late 1800’s: this time, a holiday remembrance.

We, on the farm, looked to the Fourth of July as a great day for we never worked on that day. We usually went picnicking, fishing, and hunting as a diversion and as a relief from work – a day of pleasure – for children as well as the older folks of the community and usually, we were run in in the afternoon with a rain.

We always tried to have our cotton run around the last time and when the 4th was past we just run the middles out and that was “IT.” We had it layed by. In other words, we were through working the cotton except probably going over it with the hoe to get a few weeds that we had missed before.

Sometimes on the Fourth, we had a picnic Communitywide and a speaking by the candidates if it happened to be an election year. One Fourth of July I well remember that we had a big day at Yantis, Texas. Dick Hubbard was running for governor. We had heard so much of his height (6 feet 4 or 6) and weight that most of the people had never seen the man and were desirous to seeing him. Truly, he was a sight to see and a great experience to hear, too. For when he was talking naturally along as in a speech, his voice seemed as the voice of a lion. And he seemed to be anointed. It seemed to be so strong that you could hear the shingles of the housetop rattle. Well, he tipped the scales at 400 pounds and when he walked across the floor, you could hear as well as feel the floor give under his weight.

That was a real experience for me and it gave us children to think as well as talk about. He was elected, but I was so young that I do not remember just how good a governor he made, but history gave him a good report. That Fourth of July was long remembered and went down with the children of the community as a great day.

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