Granddad Looks To the Future, circa 1960

G.M.C. Massey, 1952

G.M.C. Massey

My grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, witnessed many changes during his time, having been born in 1880. At 80 years of age, he typed out pages of manuscripts filled with his memories, and sometimes — like today’s excerpt — his prognostications for the future.

We woke up one morning, and found that a rocket that had been fired a day or so before had struck the Moon; And a little later we found that they had sent a rocket around the Moon, and had the photograph of the other Side of the Moon.

These things that we are finding out now was among the things UNHEARD of 50 years ago; And we have never heard yet the things that will eventually be found true. As I have said to you in this MS, that if there are as much progress in the next 50 years, as there has been in the last 50 years; And we could wake up and behold it; we would not be able to recognize this world that wee are living in.

I retired from the P.O. 10 years ago next April the 1st. And now when I go there I would not be able to pickup anywhere, and go on with the work that I did when I quit; And when I retired; I could take hold of anywhere, and carry on.

Just think of what has transpired in the last DECADE. Just think of what the various Nations have accomplished in the way of space navigation, How they have put Rockets in Orbit, around the SUN, And the EARTH, as well as the MOON.

Just think of a man or set of men, Planning, and setting in motion a body and timing it so that they were able to hit the Moon in almost the exact time that they had figured it; And just think how they had to take under consideration the movement of the moon, As well as the corresponding movement of the EARTH, And too they had to consider the distance that the body put in motion, had to travel before it could make contact.

Men in science are figuring on putting MEN in space: Space travel, Opening up space relationship, and Communication; And it appears that there are to be no limit to the accomplishments of the Scientist in a few years. It is just beyond our Imagination, just what they are able to attain to in the very shortest time imaginable.

There are men right now on the waiting list that are wanting to be the first to go into space as a space traveler.

We don’t know how many lives will be sacrificed in this effort to put somebody On the MOON, On the Planet of MARS, Or some other planet; But we can see that so Many people believe in it that they are willing now to be the SACRIFICE for the Occasion.

It has come to the place that we can expect just anything, and not to be surprised at anything that might be brought to out attention.

I am about 80 years of age, and I expect to live till something great, and wonderful comes to pass.


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