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Help Yourself to Some Self-Care Links

After I’d been presenting my teamwork session at the Brown Schools Ranch for awhile, I was asked to develop a follow-up class, “Team-Building 2,” as it were. I’d start off by asking everyone to write down their top 3 priorities … Continue reading

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Brownsville Raid of Sept. 28, 1859

The people of Brownsville, Texas awakened hours before the dawn of September 28, 1859 to the sound of gunshots, thundering hooves, and shouts of “Viva Cheno Cortina! Viva la República Mexicana! Viva Mexico! Mueran los gringos!” A band of over … Continue reading

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Granddad’s “Yardstick”

My grandfather, G.M.C. Massey wrote memoir manuscripts about his life. Here’s a segment describing a young woman he greatly admired. Another outstanding character in my high school days was a classmate, A girl that was in school at the same … Continue reading

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Still Here — Still Aging

Granny sent me this birthday card once: It’s your birthday — so, you’re a little older…      (inside) SO WHAT?! So’s everybody else! Still one of my favorites… Tomorrow, September 24, is my birthday — I will celebrate turning … Continue reading

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Home to the Armadillo…Once Again

I feel like I’ve just returned from an extended journey through the past: I just finished reading Armadillo World Headquarters: A Memoir, by Eddie Wilson with Jesse Sublett. Replete with scads of the incredible artwork by the Armadillo Art Squad … Continue reading

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Found Fragments

As a writer, scribbling random words, brief passages, and tangential thoughts just kinda comes naturally to me, and then I end up with all these scraps of paper I’m afraid to throw out for fear of losing something I once … Continue reading

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Unk’s Idea about Good Ideas

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Get Happy!

Happiness is an inside job. —William Arthur Ward In our Declaration of Independence, we celebrate and venerate “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” — not happiness itself, mind you, but instead, the pursuit of happiness. Through the ages, humans … Continue reading

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The Dirtiest Word I Know

Shh! not so loud — someone might hear! this must be whispered, secretly, furtively, the dirtiest word I know: Dead. Oh sure, we can be dead tired or dead broke or dead on our feet or dead to the world, … Continue reading

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Looking Back on Previous Labor Day Posts

Happy Labor Day! Here I let the holiday slip up on me while I was prepping a totally unrelated blog entry to post today. When I finally realized what today was, I figured I’d rather post something more appropriate than … Continue reading

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