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Back Porch in the Rear View, 2017

The end of the year is awash in people’s lists: 10 Best Movies, Top 10 International News Stories, 12 Stories You Missed, and the like. So why not a list of stories told on the Buller Back Porch this past … Continue reading

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Missing Will T.

A belated Happy Birthday to my cousin, Will T. Massey! He turned 49 yesterday. Yesterday also marked one full year since I last spoke with Will. He wanted my help running an errand and I had to turn him down, since I … Continue reading

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A Christmas Eve Angel, 1988

The car started to overheat that Christmas Eve just as I passed 183 on my way out of town. “No!” I cried helplessly. Houston lay over 180 miles away and now it looked like my car wouldn’t even get me … Continue reading

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The Uninvited Holiday Guest

Holiday season brings joy and good spirits — and to more than a few of us, it also carries another, sadder melody of melancholia, and even grief. The emphasis on seasonal gatherings of family and friends also accents the absence … Continue reading

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My Back Story with Ralphie

Another Christmas brings another round-the-clock marathon of A Christmas Story with Ralphie, Flick, Schwartz, the Old Man, the “major award,” and, of course, the Red Ryder BB Rifle. Since the film’s release in 1983, Americans have come to know Ralphie and … Continue reading

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The Legend of Anti-Claus

Some say he’s a myth. He hasn’t been seen in years. Spotted exclusively in Austin, Texas during the 1980s, he disappeared as mysteriously as he had arrived on the scene. There are no pictures and memories are sketchy at best. … Continue reading

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Christmas Comin’ At Ya!

It’s the holiday season, folks, and for the first time in years, I am missing out entirely on the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. As we approach our first Colorado Christmas, I’m feeling a little homesick and nostalgic, so here’s a look … Continue reading

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Game Your Way to a Good Day

Hearkening back to Jane McGonigal‘s SuperBetter, I decided to doodle out a map of her formula for a “Good Day” for a personal reminder. 3 Power-ups + 1 Bad Guy battled + 1 Quest completed = 1 Good Day My doodle-map … Continue reading

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Handful of Helpful Links

Holidays exhilarate, enrich, energize — and exhaust us, both physically and emotionally. I know you’re busy, so this is just a short list of gifts I bring to share: several hopefully helpful articles about some of the possible stops you … Continue reading

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Dead & Company: Texas Two-Step, Dec 2017

We got lucky in Texas. Right after our double-date with Dead & Company last weekend, John Mayer needed an emergency appendectomy, forcing postponement of the final 3 dates of the tour. He is now recovering in good spirits and the shows … Continue reading

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