Game Your Way to a Good Day

Hearkening back to Jane McGonigal‘s SuperBetter, I decided to doodle out a map of her formula for a “Good Day” for a personal reminder.

Game Your Way to a Good Day

3 Power-ups + 1 Bad Guy battled + 1 Quest completed =
1 Good Day

My doodle-map adds in another gameful element from SuperBetter — recruiting Allies to help you in your Quest — and reorders them somewhat to lay out the tasks on a pathway.

Choose a Quest.

A Quest refers to a specific task you can complete within the next 24 hours to achieve a positive result. Ideally, each daily quest should align with the Epic Win you have set your long-term sights on. It may take all day to complete your Quest, but it can be done today — not easily, though. Hey, it’s a quest —it’s not supposed to be easy.

Choose or design challenging but satisfying quests by making them SMART: Specific, Meaningful, Adaptive, Realistic, Time-Framed. One example of a quest I set for myself was to write an additional 1,000 words on specific article topics today (yes, this blog post counts!).

Recruit Allies.

Enlist the aid of one or two people who can help you with today’s quest — even if all they do is cheer you on. An ally is someone you can speak to honestly and openly about your challenges: someone you believe you could ask for help with a serious problem. While it may be hard to ask for help, even from a friend, if you phrase it as playing a game, what friend or co-worker wouldn’t help you out?

One possible way for allies to lend help is to suggest quests for you, and celebrate your completing it.

Battle a Bad Guy.

He’s out there. He’s always out there. Every hero on a quest must battle a Bad Guy. Your day’s Bad Guy might be procrastination or it might be self-imposed solitary confinement, but there is something acting to thwart your Quest.

First, you need to identify your personal Bad Guys, those specific thoughts, attitudes or actions that get in your way of completing your Quest. McGonigal suggests you “do battle” with a specific Bad Guy each day and track your encounters. And always activate a Power-Up after battling your Bad Guy.

Activate 3 Power-Ups.

Power-Ups include various simple activities that can take less than a minute, generally no more than 5, that help restore your resiliency as you pursue your Quest. Drinking a glass of water immediately boosts your physical resilience. Stepping outside into the sunlight can restore some emotional resiliency. Anticipating an upcoming joyful event can boost your mental resiliency. Hugging someone can boost your social and emotional resiliency.

Power-Ups are so simple and reinforcing, it’s easy to include 3 Power-Ups on a daily basis, so go ahead and do some more.

In fact, if you can get this formula rolling on a daily basis, pretty soon, you’ll see how you’re actually gaming your way not just to a good day, but a better day every time you play!




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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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