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Why Granny Doesn’t Hurry

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Asherton School Superintendent, 1914— Another Version

G.M.C. Massey, our guest blogger these last 2 days, acknowledged in his memoir manuscripts that he might tell stories in circles sometimes, since he was writing these things down as they came to his mind. This meant that sometimes there might … Continue reading

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Asherton School Superintendent, 1914 — Part 2

Yesterday, I posted Part 1 of Granddad’s account of his year as superintendent of the Asherton schools in 1914. Here’s Part 2. Well it wasn’t over; Her father came to town the next day (Saturday) and was on the lookout for me, … Continue reading

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Asherton School Superintendent, 1914 — Part 1

Our “guest blogger” G.M.C.Massey (my grandfather), is back with more tales of rural Texas education in the early 20th Century. Gaining a reputation as a disciplinarian and effective educator, his services were in high demand when local school conditions were chaotic. The local … Continue reading

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Loading my Learning Ledger

I love learning! I didn’t particularly like school or school-ing while I was doing it, mostly because I didn’t really fit the standardized educational system. I usually did exceedingly well in class, but quickly got bored and restless. That meant I … Continue reading

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Other Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2018 — he should’ve been 88 years old today, but he was cut down in his prime 50 years ago. A masterful organizer and leader, it was Dr. King’s voice and his oratory … Continue reading

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Happy Happy

It occurred to me recently that I’ve only shown the sour side of two of my doodle-buddies, Unk and Granny. And while it is true they’re both classic curmudgeons, even they get happy sometimes. So, happy happy to you from … Continue reading

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7 Years Ago — Songs of Will T. Massey

Writing recently about my cousin, singer-songwriter Will T. Massey, made me think about his “comeback” years in Austin. Along with releasing a string of albums, he regained his spark for live performances. Working solo or with partners or bands, he kept … Continue reading

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5 Folks I Follow

Admittedly I am an amateur in my endeavors in creativity. That’s why I look to others for inspiration and guidance. Here’s 5 of my favorite creative people I follow — take a look, and maybe you wan to follow them, … Continue reading

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Resolve This, 2018!

Happy New Year 2018! Yes, I know that was the day before yesterday, so I’m sure by now tons of folks have already posted New Year’s resolutions, from grand to comedic. Though I generally eschew Big Day traditions like the … Continue reading

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