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Once Upon a House (2)…College Daze

There was never any doubt I would go to college. There was never any real doubt where I would go to college: Austin. Once out of high school, I enrolled at the University of Texas and moved back to Austin, … Continue reading

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Once Upon a House — Part 1

I started this as a simple list of the various houses and places I have lived. But with nearly every place, I found myself wanting to explore that memory a bit more…and more…and more…until the list grew into several separate … Continue reading

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Indian Territory (Oklahoma) & Back Again, 1897

Once again, our guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey (my grandfather) shares a story about traveling to visit relatives in the Indian Territory circa the late 19th Century. When I was 17 years of age I was visiting in OKLAHOMA with my … Continue reading

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Some Saturday Links — What is a “Good Death”?

My recent blog posts about “The Dirtiest Word I Know” and “Further Thoughts on Death & Dying, Good and Bad” both hint at the concept of a “good death.” That begs an obvious question I’ll start to try to address … Continue reading

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Final Daze of SXSWedu 2018

Yes, you read that right: “daze.” After even just 2 days of jam-packed days of session after session opening amazing doors to educational insights and practice, the cognitive overload of SXSWedu starts to take its toll on me. The last … Continue reading

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Day 3 Doodles from SXSWedu 2018

Sure enough, I started to slow down by the third day of SXSWedu —you’ll notice there are fewer doodles for this day. What Hath We Wrought? Connectedness was supposed to help bring a more participatory culture. Danah Boyd explores some … Continue reading

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Doodling SXSW 2018 — Tuesday

Day 2 of SXSWedu 2018 started off with a call-and-response kick-off for the keynote speaker talking about reality-based education and how his college, a historical black college, became the first urban work college. WE Over Me: From College to Movement … Continue reading

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SXSWedu 2018 in the Rear View Mirror

Once again, the “hidden” portion of SXSW has come and gone. SXSWedu may draw educators, students, and educational technology companies from around the globe, but it rarely draws attention in Austin the week before the “real” SXSW. The music, film, … Continue reading

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Austin — Forever Changing

Austin has always been all about change. My earliest memories of Austin come from the early 60s when we would come up from Houston to attend UT football games. Often, we’d meet up with Uncle Willie and Aunt Marion, who … Continue reading

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