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Once Upon a House (2)…College Daze

There was never any doubt I would go to college. There was never any real doubt where I would go to college: Austin. Once out of high school, I enrolled at the University of Texas and moved back to Austin, … Continue reading

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Once Upon a House — Part 1

I started this as a simple list of the various houses and places I have lived. But with nearly every place, I found myself wanting to explore that memory a bit more…and more…and more…until the list grew into several separate … Continue reading

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Indian Territory (Oklahoma) & Back Again, 1897

Once again, our guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey (my grandfather) shares a story about traveling to visit relatives in the Indian Territory circa the late 19th Century. When I was 17 years of age I was visiting in OKLAHOMA with my … Continue reading

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Some Saturday Links — What is a “Good Death”?

My recent blog posts about “The Dirtiest Word I Know” and “Further Thoughts on Death & Dying, Good and Bad” both hint at the concept of a “good death.” That begs an obvious question I’ll start to try to address … Continue reading

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Final Daze of SXSWedu 2018

Yes, you read that right: “daze.” After even just 2 days of jam-packed days of session after session opening amazing doors to educational insights and practice, the cognitive overload of SXSWedu starts to take its toll on me. The last … Continue reading

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Day 3 Doodles from SXSWedu 2018

Sure enough, I started to slow down by the third day of SXSWedu —you’ll notice there are fewer doodles for this day. What Hath We Wrought? Connectedness was supposed to help bring a more participatory culture. Danah Boyd explores some … Continue reading

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Doodling SXSW 2018 — Tuesday

Day 2 of SXSWedu 2018 started off with a call-and-response kick-off for the keynote speaker talking about reality-based education and how his college, a historical black college, became the first urban work college. WE Over Me: From College to Movement … Continue reading

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