Day 3 Doodles from SXSWedu 2018

Sure enough, I started to slow down by the third day of SXSWedu —you’ll notice there are fewer doodles for this day.

What Hath We Wrought?

Connectedness was supposed to help bring a more participatory culture. Danah Boyd explores some of the unintended consequences of social media, including media manipulation and polarization.


Here’s the video from Danah’s speech if you want to follow along in my doodlenotes above.

 Wednesday keynote: Danah Boyd (Microsoft Research/Data & Society)

Youth Publishing: How to Energize Emerging Writers

More than just a writing workshop, this approach helps students write and polish their stories — and then publish them as books (chapbooks), complete with public reading at the book release.

Andrew Griswold, The Telling Room

Andrew Griswold (The Telling Room)

Science or Art? Online Teaching & Learning

This team from Cambridge explained their approach to building an online environment to help students extend their knowledge and learning through semi-structured interactions.

Andrew Nye (Cambridge English Language Assessment)

Andrew Nye (Cambridge English Language Assessment)

Reinventing Corporate Education

Anant Agarwal (edX),Mark Cousin (Boeing), T.C. Haldi (MIT xPro)

Anant Agarwal (edX),Mark Cousin (Boeing), T.C. Haldi (MIT xPro)

We’re Doing Gamification Wrong: Kids Want to Learn

Unlocking extra game, a typical edtech attempt at motivation, doesn’t motivate kids as well as taking simple steps to promote their attention and engagement, as shown through this research.

Elliot Hedman (Curriculum Associates)

Elliot Hedman (Curriculum Associates)

StudioLab: Transmedia Knowledge Pedagogy

This Future20 session took a quick look at how to help students structure a “suite” of media to present information to different audiences.

Jon McKenzie (Cornell University)

Jon McKenzie (Cornell University StudioLab)

Next: Wrapping it up for SXSWedu 2018…


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