Once Upon a House — Part 1

I started this as a simple list of the various houses and places I have lived. But with nearly every place, I found myself wanting to explore that memory a bit more…and more…and more…until the list grew into several separate sequences of living arrangements. So, the next few entries will see me revisit the places I have lived.

  1. Born to a house on wheels —
    See, my dad worked on seismic crews at the time I was born, so my family followed the work all over Texas and southeastern Louisiana, living in a trailer house.

    I have no real memory of this time, but my folks had to add this list of places I lived in my first year and a half on a blank page in the “Our Baby” memory book. I don’t think the printers foresaw a need to this page, but I needed it — 9 Texas towns in my first 15 months, the longest stay less than 4 months.

  2. 1205 Demaret — My earliest memories come from this house, where we lived from 1955 until the spring of 1964. This was my childhood home, and this was our neighborhood in the Spring Branch suburb of west Houston.
    Mom in front of 1205 Demaret Lane

    Mom in front of 1205 Demaret Lane

    So many of my specific memories from those years come in snippets of vivid visual sequences or pictures. I remember the lay-out of the house, too, including the guest room where Granny stayed when visiting.

    And I remember our back yard and the many adventures we had there, both real and imaginary  — including slipping through the “loose board” in the back fence to emerge behind the bowling alley where the graffiti & debris, including broken bowling pins, fascinated a couple of kids on the prowl.

  3. 11611 Spriggs Way—This was definitely the Old Home Place for me and my family. For just about 50 years, our family’s home stood at 11611 Springs, down at the end of a cul-de-sac. They bought it for the attached “mother-in-law’ apartment so Granny Tilly always had her own room, eventually moving there in 1972.
    11611 Springs Way — the "Buller Hotel"

    11611 Springs Way — the “Buller Hotel”

    Though I left it for college at 17 and only returned for visits and a few brief respite breaks, I always knew home was always there. In fact, it was always there for pretty much anyone in the family, earning their house moniker, the “Buller Hotel.”

    Besides Granny living in that apartment the last years of her life, Scott & Joanie & Jessie all lived there for awhile when they moved back from California, and Scott & Joanie returned to recover following Jessie’s death.

    Granny lived out her days in this house, as did both of my folks. My father died in 1995,  staying but briefly in the hospital, and my mom died at home under hospice care in 2003. Clearing out 50 years of living from that house took me and my brother about 6 months.

Next: Once Upon a House — Part 2: College Daze


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