“Slow Study” — Lyrics of Will T. Massey

Will T. Massey 9-4-89

Will T. Massey, 9-4-89

Second in an intermittent series of posts featuring the lyrics of Will T. Massey. 

Having started with a song from his most recent release, The Weathering, I figured to jump back to the title track to one of his earliest efforts, Slow Study. Originally recorded in 1989 and limited to a release of 150 cassettes, this preceded his Will T. Massey MCA debut.

Produced by Lloyd Maines in Lubbock, Texas, the album featured such musical mainstays of the contemporary Austin music scene as Jesse “Guitar” Taylor (Joe Ely Band), Ponty Bone, Tish Hinojosa, Paul Pearcey, Gene Elders (George Strait, Lyle Lovett) and George Ensle. 

At Maines’ behest, the album was re-released in 2007 with several bonus tracks. 

It was an alleyway to the wild world
Where craps are played with gambling girls
I rolled one time and my supper was spent.
Then, high heeled-shoes came walking up,
I just knew she was Lady Luck —
One week later I rolled away my rent.

I said “C’mon, buddy,
Roll the dice —
I’m a slow study,
I’ll try it twice.”

There was just something about them shoes.
Now I had nothing left to lose,
I said, “Kiss me, honey, let’s take a ride.”
She got mad and slapped my grin,
I closed the gap and she kicked my shin,
I picked her up, I sat her down inside.

I said “Kiss me, honey,
Treat me nice —
I’m a slow study,
I’ll try it twice.”

Now, I may run where gamblers walk,
But, Lord, if taxicabs could talk,
You’d never see the back seat the same.
The moral here: if you’ve lost or won,
Have no fear — fools have more fun!
Get all you got and get on with the game.

If they beat you, buddy,
Well, take my advice:
Be a slow study — try it twice.

C’mon, buddy,
Roll the dice —
Be a slow study — try it twice.

I’m a slow study —
I try it twice.


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